BookAZ is a book price comparison website. It allows you to know in a mouse click if a book is available, used or new on the main book selling platforms of the Internet.

Our database contains more than 150 milions of books, new, used, rare, out of print... Our goal is to help book lovers to quickly find the book they would like to read, at the best possible price. Users can then buy the book directly on the merchand website; our service does not add a cost for the end user, but allows to quickly know which seller has the best deal.

BookAZ is a newcomer in the book search space. Built by book lovers, our goal is to offer a book search engine allowing to quickly find the book one is looking for, with a fast, clean and light interface. We feel like buying second hand books makes sense in our times of ecological challenge: why produce a new book if somebody is trying to sell his/her copy? Books also tends to be expensive if you are a big reader: economically speaking too, buying used books make sense, and not only for students!

Bookaz.com has been launched at early 2018, and currently let you compare prices at Amazon, Abebooks & Ebay. We are currently working to add more merchands: our goal is to support all of the good places where it's possible to buy books on the Internets!

Thanks for visiting us, and if you have any idea, advice or recommendation, please feel free to contact us!